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Artemartis is a Ghanaian based Art Agency & Collective with a diverse group of contemporary artists. The diversity in our artistry has produced works ranging from abstract to realism, picture and film making to digitalism.

Since our launch in 2018, we have grown into a solid collective with artists and their works spreading far and wide. 

We also offer art consultancy services and work with notable art residencies and galleries around the world.


Artist Representation

We discover and represent a diverse group of contemporary artists, acting on behalf of the artists, as an agency.

Art Dealership

Our team works on behalf of the artists to represent, promote, and sell their work.

Artist Management

We put together the necessary resources required to shape the growth of the artists and accomplish career goals, increasing and maintaining value over time, and ensuring higher engagement & productivity in the process.

Art Consultancy

We help our clients make the right decision about the kind of art (paintings, sculptures, etc.) they should invest in, and guide our clients through the art market. We also offer consultancy services to artists.

︎Artemartis 2021                               ︎Accra, Ghana